SFGR and SFCO Finland partners to bring Gosol Technology to Nigeria

SF Green Resources Nig. Ltd. & Solar Fire Concentration Ltd. of Finland (makers of GoSol solar technology) have taken a big step towards finding a permanent solution to the energy crisis in Nigeria by introducing the efficient Gosol solar technology for domestic and industrial users. That insufficient energy has continued to hamper economic, social and environmental development of Nigeria is no longer a debate.

However, the options (fossil fuels) available are either grossly unavailable when needed and when rarely available, are very exorbitant to acquire by all entities. The implication of this has been the steady exploitation of nature for wood, charcoal, crude oil etc. which continues to deplete the environment and exponentially. The direct consequence of this is the climate change bringing about irregular rainfall affecting agricultural production, desertification, drought – depriving green cover for the soil etc. A combination of these shortfalls and many others have persistently kept poverty figure high especially among the BoP in Nigeria.

Owing to this background information and the zeal to continue leading efforts to make our environment safer, the two companies have teamed up to introduce the innovative Gosol solar technology to Nigeria in order to put the country at par with the rest of the world already harnessing the benefit of the free energy available from nature’s gift – ¨The Sun¨.


The GoSol DIY model is a unique opportunity that enables solar democracy for all. Every user is able to independently build any energy application need ranging from cooking, frying, baking, roasting to drying. Households, farmers, artisans and other value chain improvement production outfits no longer need to rely on public epileptic power sources once switched to the Gosol technology which is permanently available as long as the sun shines.

¨We are determined to make excellent social impression on the life of the ordinary people especially the displaced, refugees, local farmers, women and entrepreneurs in developing countries with our technology by leveraging on the free gift of nature for their empowerment. We are so excited about this project in Nigeria because of her strategic position in the heart of Africa and the pace it can muster to spread this unique technology in sub-Saharan Africa – Eva Wissenz (Managing Director – GoSol.org)¨

More about the company and technology: www.gosol.org